Dave Klecha was born in Detroit and grew up in the Metro area, bouncing around to 5 different school systems before graduating high school. It was during high school that he started writing, at first to stave off boredom, then with an eye toward publication when he realized he might have a knack for it. Since that plan didn’t turn to immediate riches, he embarked on paths more and less conventional for a kid from the suburbs.

He studied Russian and history at university, joined the US Marine Corps Reserves, and at some point started graduate school. To keep food on the table he’s delivered pizza, fixed computers, worked front desk at a hotel, fixed computers, consulted on computers systems, and fixed computers. These days, computers are almost too easy to fix, so he’s given that up in favor of just breaking them in ever more creative ways.

In addition to writing, Dave engages in a number of other creative pursuits, including acting, set-building, scriptwriting, and extreme amateur landscaping. His fiction has appeared in Subterranean Press Magazine, Clarkesworld, and various anthologies.

Dave currently lives in Rochester, Michigan with his wife and three children. Might be two when you read this as one of them seems to be an adult now.

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