I started creating stories and writing them down sometime back in my single digit years, but it was not until my teenage years that I actually thought I could do it for a profession, or the idea even occurred to me. And for that, I usually blame Isaac Asimov and the story introductions he wrote in the Hugo Winners anthologies. He made the very concept of being a science fiction writer sound intriguing and fun and full of possibilities, and any profession that’s able to engage me like that will at least get my attention for a time. It helps that once I started to focus on writing, I found I really enjoyed it, and I found it fulfilling. It pushes all of the buttons of the solitary-creative section of my psyche, which turns out to be a rather significant chunk of me. The social-creative is probably almost as great, which is why I am also drawn to acting. Relatively recently, I discovered that writing collaborations with friends has a tendency to establish a gradient between those two bits of me, which led to a sort of renaissance in output after some years of creative meandering.

Below, you’ll find my present list of published works.

  • “Refuge,” Subterranean Magazine #4, Spring 2006 [pdf]
  • “Jungle Walkers,” with Tobias Buckell, Armored, edited by John Joseph Adams
  • “A Militant Peace,” with Tobias Buckell, Clarkesworld #62, November 2011 [read]
  • “The Found Girl,” with Tobias Buckell, Clarkesworld #72, September 2012 [read]
  • “Rules of Enchantment,” with Tobias Buckell, Operation Arcana, edited by John Joseph Adams
  • “On the Wall,” with John Scalzi, Black Tide Rising, edited by John Ringo & Gary Poole